No knitting again

But I have more life-rearranging to show. This is my new desk. It’s actually my mother’s Swedish Aunt Sigrid’s Gate-Leg Table. It deserves a title, it does. I don’t know if the table is Swedish (probably not) but Aunt Sigrid certainly was. I’m so pleased to have a little bit of my mother’s Swedish side, and I promise to take good care of it. It replaces my other Swedish furniture — the Ikea desk!

I’m moving slowly through my apartment, shifting things to make it less cluttered, but I need to do it in stages. The first stage happened on Sunday. Judy and I removed some more Swedish furniture, the Ikea crate shelves. Here’s my question: why is my cat not bald? There was at least a cat’s-worth of hair back behind those shelves. And all the missing Mousies have been found. We haven’t got a SRM like Chaos’, but we do have Mousie Innards.

Putting the computer on the desk was today’s stage. Next I’ll move the printer and the scanner and the other tidbits, but that will require shifting something else. My life is like one of those little plastic sliding puzzles that you have to shuffle to put in order. My lovely clear counter is clear no more, but that’s how it goes. It’s supposed to be temporary.

I’m knitting, but there’s nothing to show. Soon, but not now. It’s not ready.

Today has been another beautiful Spring day, and one to celebrate. When I drove down my street yesterday afternoon, with the windows open, I heard peepers. Peepers are guaranteed to make me feel good. Then today, when I was out in the world, it seemed as if all the trees and hedges are getting ready for something — things are looking fuller and brighter. Leaves will come, following the daffodils that I saw on the road.

I did some errands, had a nice lunch with my friend S (the company was way better than the food, which was just okay), and came home to contemplate the shifting of the desk. That was it for the day, apparently, because it’s 6:00 already!


How does a person celebrate her 200th post? I’d have a contest, but frankly, I don’t have the energy to think about it. In the past few weeks I’ve had conversations with some people in my real life who’ve begun reading my blog. It’s interesting to have a face-to-face conversation with someone about my virtual life. A little Twilight Zone-ish, but good.

My addle-brained conclusion: I”m so happy to be here, I wish I could get it together to write more regularly, and I just love this community.

10 thoughts on “No knitting again

  1. Hi Jane,We have peepers too. They started about two days ago and I was so happy to hear them! I just love their noisy chorus!Your inherited desk looks gorgeous. All the more special because it has a history. We’ve had plenty of IKEA stuff in our past; especially when we lived in Europe. We still have some sprinkled in amongst are other things.Even if you don’t post about knitting I always enjoy just your words.


  2. Oh, peepers! We won’t have peepers for a while. *sigh*Mousie innards, alas! Hopefully none too traumatic…Does it feel good to be doing what sounds like major spring cleaning? I bet it does.


  3. I haven’t heard peepers in ages! I love hearing them. Your Swedish desk looks gorgeous. I envy your rearranging. I think cat fur is like snake fangs. There’s always replacement fur ready to sprout out when the old fur drops out.


  4. Happy 200th post! We love you, too!Hey, when you and I finally sit down together, it won’t be weird at all. It will seem like the most natural thing in the world. I love getting together with other bloggers. You’ll see. It’s fun!


  5. Blog photos are a wonderful thing because when I saw your table and your computer, I felt a pang of jealousy at how clean and tidy your setup is, while my table has loose papers, unpaid bills, and cat hair all over it. You could tell us that your entire house is this sleek, and we’d have no reason not to believe you!(Still waiting on the peepers in VT.)


  6. I love the image of the sliding puzzle – I immediately knew what you meant! and your new/old lovely gateleg table is worth the shuffle; both from the memories and for its beauty!!peepers! aren’t they just the best!!congrats on 200 posts. It is indeed odd when viritual life and real life collide 🙂


  7. My house is like yours, in that if something gets moved, something else must shift. I’d love to be less cluttered, but that would require some actual effort on my part.Happy 200th post! 🙂


  8. Sweet Jane,We hope you know, my dear friend, that this community loves you right back!!Your new desk looks to be a beauty.Have fun w/the clutter-busting & take it at your own pace. You’ll get through it.XOXO


  9. We have peepers but I’m afraid the deep, deep freeze at the end of December might have done them in, poor little things. I’ll go listen again tonight.You are doing some major straightening, and gratz to you! =o) I sooo need to throw out things. Three things a day from that studio is what’s getting me there.So sad about little SRM. Our cat, Milo, left a lot of tiny paper balls under a cabinet for us to find when he was long gone. Happy cat he was. Loved him dearly.


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