Missing color

Someone took all the color right out of this day! That’s too bad, because I finished the Japanese Vines scarf, and if there were any color to be found in the atmosphere, these photographs might have done it more justice.

I fiddled and fooled with the color in my photo program, and I thought I brought out some of the beautiful purple and green haze.

But no, I guess not.

Please use your (vivid) imagination.

I absolutely adore this piece. I love the way the leaves tilt, and aren’t those stitches divine? The yarn is the best part — soft and lovely to knit with, and after a Soak it’s full and sweet and oh, just perfect.

Now that my New Year’s Day project is finished, I’m not quite sure what to start next. There are many many ideas in the queue, and some incredible yarn has come my way lately, but I don’t have that one thing that I’m itching to cast on right away.

There are always socks going on, so it’s not as if I have nothing to knit. I’m just about to finish the second Pie Crust sock, so I won’t bother to show them now. I think I’ll just knit the sock and see what happens.

Great, now the sun is coming out.

19 thoughts on “Missing color

  1. Yikes, I’m still trying to navigate my Japanese Vines scarf and I keep ripping it out. Pretty soon I hope to get the hang of it … yours looks beautiful!Who is that cat looking in at Annabelle? Looks like a tiger kitty …


  2. I love it so much. Question about the pattern – is it charted only, or is there a translation for those of us whose brains tire reading charts these days?


  3. It’s a beautiful scarf! I can see some color. I have the hardest time getting purple to come through in my photos. No amount of fiddling seems to help.


  4. This is a wonderful scarf. I have Japanese stitch pattern books, and I think I saw this in one of them. I like the yarn you used, it’s really specail. I can see the purple, but green eluded me.


  5. Oh, Jane, that scarf is so beautiful! I can’t wait to see it in person. There’s a hint of the color haze in your pictures – wear it tomorrow night!


  6. Turn all the lights in the house on and it will give you some colors that you didn’t know existed. Lovely knitting, btw, but a half dozen people (at least) have told you that already. Believe it! =o)


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