For Elise

I finished the Baby Soft Cardigan almost in time for its baby’s arrival, but not quite. She was born last Thursday, and at that point it was still drying on a towel. Cotton takes forever to dry. Then there were buttons to choose, and a card to get, and, oh, you know. I took these pictures this morning, just before I wrapped it up and took the package to the PO.

  • Pattern: Baby Soft Cardigan by Jennifer Hagan, from Clara Parkes’ Knitter’s Book of Yarn.
  • Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton in Sage
  • Needles: 5.5mm/US9
  • Size: 6 month
  • Mods: None, except that I crocheted most of the seams, and once around the edges for a nice finish.

I’m so pleased with the way this turned out! I hope Little Miss Elise will be cozy and comfortable. She’s the newest addition to our bookstore family; her parents are the wonderful couple who were married in the store in 2006.

Easter Sunday did indeed involve chocolate and Yahtzee. It was fun! We munched grapes and cheeses, had a wonderful supper, laughed and talked, and I visited with the Remarkable R’s and their Magnificent brother M, who came out from the city for the day.

My dear friend Judy is physically, constitutionally, and completely unable to make just one of anything, so there were two desserts for seven people (already full from those appetizers, and risotto and pasta and salad, not to mention chocolate bunny parts).

First there was a delicious strawberry tart with orange custard, and then there was Nigella’s Instant Chocolate Mousse. The servings were huge, and as we dug our spoons into the chocolate and whipped cream, Judy confessed that she’d doubled the recipe. She was trying to kill us. I managed to drive home, but barely.

Knitting continues, same as last time I posted. The shawl is even longer, and the sock is closer to the toe. Nothing exciting there, but satisfying. I feel comfortable and strong in my knitting life right now. It’s an incredibly good feeling to have. Does this mean something, or is it just a good thing? I don’t think I’ll wonder — I’d rather enjoy it.

18 thoughts on “For Elise

  1. Ummm assorted bunny parts! The sweater is wonderful – I’m sure Elise and her parents will adore it. I’ve missed you guys, and again tomorrow I’ll be MIA. Dinner sounds like it was wonderful and excessive! I’m full just reading about it.


  2. For a split second I thought Elise was the one drying on the towel. I really do need to get new glasses. That is a gorgeous sweater, and that organic cotton is SOOO soft, it’s perfect. (I haven’t used it yet, only fondled it longingly.)


  3. I love that sweater! I hope Elise gets to wear it a lot (you know, for a baby). Congrats on the wonderful Easter and the creative surge. Good news all around.


  4. Everything about the sweater is absolutely the best! The pattern is so cute, so different. The color, soft and natural. And the buttons …… WOW. Just the best.


  5. oh Jane, how delightfully adorable that sweater is! You are so talented with those needles of yours. What a wonderful gift for any new mother to receive. Lucky little Elise for being able to wear it!I’m glad your knitting is satisfying and fun. My knitting mojo seems to have left me. sigh. I hope it comes back soon!


  6. The sweater is exquisite! Wow!! How incredible that you can create things like this. Bravo!!Easter is a great time to overeat slightly. Hope you don’t spend too much time thinking about it. It all sounds perfect.Happy spring to you, too.


  7. What a cute sweater–and beautifully knit. I’m going to have to get a copy of that book–this is about the third great project I’ve seen from it.


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