My (very late) Rhinebeck report:

This is the only picture I took. We had a wonderful time! I managed to maintain enough energy to make it up and down and around the fairgrounds on both Saturday and Sunday, and the four of us enjoyed our meals at the Eveready Diner and Gigi Trattoria (best calamari ever). There was some consumption of maple sugar cotton candy, but no artichokes. We’ll take the cotton candy.

Short but very sweet visits were had with the crew at Spirit Trail, both during the show and back at the motel (oh, those scones Lanea made!). I didn’t make many purchases — a bit of fiber from Botanical Shades, a Grafton corriedale batt, and some pretties from Lavender Trifles — but I did come home with a beautiful pair of Sheila and Michael Ernst’s glass knitting needles. Now to find something worthy of knitting on US 7’s…

Back at home, I finally photographed the Honeycomb Hat I made before I left. It’s so comfortable and warm that I’m wearing it right now. It’s cold today, even indoors.

This is the neckwarmer I’m knitting to match. It’s a simple Mistake Rib, round and round, which is all my chemo-brain can handle right now. Chemo brain explains everything if you want it to, and it’s as good an excuse as any for being forgetful and distracted!

I like the way the trees outside my house look woven, like a basket. The colors are almost at their peak here, and the wind blowing the leaves on these stormy days gives off an energy that’s hard to resist. I’ll take some, store it up, and use it later, thank you. It seems that Autumn is whirling and swirling past at a crazy pace — or is it just me?

It’s time to move on to thoughts of the Knitter’s Review Fall Retreat — in just a few weeks I’ll be in Williamstown, MA for a weekend with my peeps. Better get started on that class homework!

12 thoughts on “Swirling

  1. So sorry to have missed you at Rhinebeck. (Or as an Italian speaker I know called it, “Beccarino”–LOL!)Love the honeycomb. Missing the woods of the East End!Kay


  2. Your photos are fabulous.I’m so glad that you had the energy to wander around both days – yay!love the hat. it’s a divine shade of purple (a fav of mine)and an even bigger hurrah that you will be able to attend the Knitters Review Retreat. thank goodness for ‘good’ weeks.gentle thoughts go out to you.


  3. What beautiful pictures! Especially the one that sums up Rhinebeck oh so well. I’m glad you had two days to take it all in at a good pace. And I’m truly honored that the Honeycomb is keeping your head warm. I’ll see you very soon!


  4. Sweet Jane,Bee-ute-full hat, honey. Ditto neck warmer to be.Can't wait to see your sweet face oh-so-very soon at the KR Retreat. Remember, we'll open our letters together! I'm sure we'll laugh & cry together again just like we did last year. XOXO


  5. Reya is right – you are mighty.A wonderful weekend filled with wonderful people and the largest group hug of all times. You are very lucky with your friends (or maybe luck has nothing to do with it).


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