Little question

You’d think I could have nipped this little habit in the bud, but of course I failed. She knows who’s in charge.

There is little question that I have been away from this space for too long. I want to do something about that. I miss it. Now that my world is about to open up again — yes, I am finished with chemotherapy! — I hope to find myself knitting more, and living life, and writing about it again.

I’m still processing what it means to have successfully navigated these past five and a half months. It will be a while before I do, and for now the good old slow and steady approach still serves. I feel cautious about everything — but happy, definitely happy. I did it!

If only winter were not so relentless! I want sunshine! I want bright blue skies! Instead, it’s been snowing this morning, and rain is on the way. There’s been ice and snow on the ground forever, and the gray of the sky and the ground and everything in between doesn’t help. I’m tired enough that I slog through each day anyway, and having to add a trudge over leftover snow in colorless light and landscape is just too much, don’t you think?

I’m knitting away on little things, but nothing is worth showing yet. I started a Whimsy Lace Scarf just like Rosi’s (because hers is an inspiration) with Hand Maiden Mini Maiden (just like Rosi) in “Paris.” It’s a wonderful pattern with lots of short rows, so it’s fun to knit. I love the yarn, too. There are socks, of course. And I feel some mitts coming on.

There’ll be time for all of it, but …

… just now, I think Annabelle has the right idea!

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