Road trip

It’s time to pull out the little overnight bag, pack up the knitting projects, and choose some warm wooly things to wear to Rhinebeck. This year, rain gear is a necessity as well, unless the weather report changes soon. Judy and the R’s are due at my house at around 4:00 this afternoon, so I have lots to do between now and then. There’s the matter of that pesky work day, too; I have to fit that in somewhere.

We’re all excited, as usual. The road trip, the laughter, the Eveready Diner for breakfast. The wool and sheep and alpacas and llamas — oh my. The too-short visits with dear, dear friends, and the possibility of meeting up with treasured blog-friends. The surprises that could await us around any corner or down any aisle. Rhinebeck — there’s nothing like it!

I won’t be taking this warm hat with me this weekend because it’s bound for the donation table at the Knitter’s Review Retreat in November. It’s the Hill Country Hat from The Knitter’s Book of Wool, designed by Clara Parkes. She’s offered it to all of us in this week’s Knitter’s Review newsletter. It took me just a few hours to knit, and I used Rowan Purelife Organic Sheep Breeds Chunky in Shetland Moorit. I think I’ll make two or three more!

I’d better get going, or I’ll be late before I’m ready. Thank you all for your comments about the shawl, and for taking the journey with me.

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