Cloudy, salty, sweet sixteen

We didn’t get snow today, but it rained enough to make the day look like this — dark. It was a good day to knit, though!

I’m working on a few Christmas gifts, so I can’t show you anything I’m doing, but it’s all wonderful. I’m still in post-Retreat knitting bliss mode. I have so many ideas and plans for 2010… The other day I looked into the bottom of one of the many bags I brought home with me, and what do you know, there are four skeins of Foxfire Fiber Cormo Alpaca Lace in there! I can’t wait to sink my needles into it! I have two colors, natural brown and a lovely lavender. I know I’ll find the right pattern for one or both, but first I need some free time.

Time is a precious commodity at this time of year. I seem to spend most of mine on work, thinking about work, or resting up to go to work. It’s a short holiday season, so frenzy is the best way to describe it. I had to update the bookstore blog today, which is something I enjoy, but haven’t had the time to really make it what we want it to become. Working on it on my day off is not my first choice, but at least it’s done for now. One of these days it will be something I’m really proud of!

I’m actually enjoying the idea of Christmas this year — unlike last year, when I crawled through it and the surrounding months. I’m looking forward to my annual shopping trip with Judy and the Remarkable R’s, which we’re going to squeeze in this Sunday. Today is the girls’ sixteenth birthday (!!!), and there’s a party on Saturday to celebrate it, along with the birthday of Judy’s Wonderful Ray. It’s going to be a busy weekend!

Now that my day off is almost over, I think I’ll spend the evening working on something special, and thinking about making a batch of salty-sweet pecans. All I need is the recipe, which is in a book at work. If they’re as good as they look, I’ll let you know!

9 thoughts on “Cloudy, salty, sweet sixteen

  1. I'm going to try the saltine chocolate nut thing this year to bring up to Kims – but those pecans sound good let me know – — you going to be at knitting tomorrow??? I want to see that phone


  2. I know just how you feel Jane! I have five UFO's in the works right now and I didn't pick up the needles once today and I don't have a job! 😦 Sheesh. It was the perfect day for knitting though. Maybe you should count yourself lucky you didn't have our weather today although you don't live that far from me. We started with 6+ inches of heavy wet snow on waking up, which turned to heavy rain and temps of near 40 degrees which melted the snow and turned it to sludge; tonight we had lightning (underneath a layer of thick fog) at 37 degrees with a deluge of rain. Wacky weather! I've never seen lightning under a layer of fog and thought I was watching a bomb go off! So very strange!Knit on with the Christmas gifts, Jane!


  3. Yesterday looked a lot like your picture. Today though we had sunshine and wind. It's a little chilly but the sunshine is nice. You seem to be enjoying Christmas and the Christmas frenzy.


  4. Sixteen is definitely salty and sweet. May the force be with you through the frenzy and YES, much better this year than last. That's the understatement of the year. Love to you.


  5. Just got back from upstate and snow. Good and bad. But sixteen, we hit that over the Thanksgiving weekend and I just about forgot about the learner's permit. Every time we get into the car it's an issue. Can I drive? Sometimes it's ok, other's I'm about ready to freak out! I want to knit for the holidays but not THESE holidays…maybe next year! Miss you!


  6. Hello Jane! Wondering if you got buried in out last storm?? The coast really got hammered while up here in "the mountains" we didn't get very much. Are you looking Christmasy?


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