This is how I like to spend my day off. Coffee or tea in my favorite mug, a little knitting, and connectivity at my fingertips. I can’t help it; I like my iPhone. It was my Christmas gift to myself, even though I got it in November. That’s Judy’s Hedgerow Mitt there, almost finished, but not quite. Soon, I promise, while it’s still cold enough to wear them!

The photo was taken ten days ago — the last time I had a really quiet day off at home. I’ve been busy with work, busy with little things like taking the car to be inspected, and just plain busy. I miss the peace and quiet, so I made it a priority today.

Breakfast was homemade corn and cherry muffins and some fruit. I love dried cherries!

As I continue this inner dialogue on recuperation and recovery, time is marching me forward to another anniversary. It’s been about a year since I learned I needed to continue chemotherapy beyond the original seven rounds. I was a mess back then. That news was almost harder to take than learning I had cancer in the first place. I did the job, though. I didn’t lie down, I stood up and kept going. And here it is, a year later, and that time is history.
It’s about history now. Not just putting it behind me, but making it a part of my story.

There will be a lot of anniversaries coming up, things marked on my calendar, and forever on my heart. Every time I see Dr. Pearl, which I’ll do this week, I’m marking one. It’s another three months since I saw him last, and another three months that I’ve been on my own, so to speak. Another three months of loving my hair and how it feels and what it means. Another three months of recovery.

I have a new favorite app on my iPhone — the Hipstamatic Camera. The website declares “Digital Never Looked So Analog” and that just about says it all. There are lots of different “lenses” and “film” and even “flashes.” Look what it did with a crazy sunset over Southampton! Ah, life should always be this much fun, shouldn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Relaxamatic

  1. Happy anniversaries! And many many more, Jane! On your own, with hair, and muffins. I,too, LOVE dried cherries. Had some in my steel cut oatmeal this morning, in fact. Now I'll think of you when I sprinkle them over my cereal.No iphone for me for awhile. I have an addictive personality. Not yet. Not yet.


  2. I join you in loving my iphone. I don't know what I ever did without it!Thank you so much for sharing your continued journey in making cancer your history. Dr. Pearl and all the rest of us are cheering for you!


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