First there was the Knitter’s Book of Wool group on Ravelry, which Clara and I put together a few weeks ago. Next, there was Clara’s devilishly clever Woolalong in the KBOW group as well as at Knitter’s Review — each month she’ll choose a breed and we’ll knit something with its yarn. This month it’s Cormo. Now, the 2010 Knitting Olympics have been thrown into the mix, and I’m in. Deep.

I have the yarn — this [insert appropriate gushing adjective(s) here] Bijou Bliss 50% Yak 50% Cormo that is a soft natural white. I have the pattern — Jared Flood’s Porom Hat. And last but not least, I have my community. Knitting is never solitary, even when I’m at home by myself, because I have a world of knitters right here on my computer. I can’t wait to cast on during tomorrow’s Opening Ceremonies, along with a few thousand friends!

9 thoughts on “Alonging

  1. oh very cool hat — I'm doing socks but I still don't know which of the patterns I have picked to do – I guess that deciding will happen tomorrow – and I am doing them for someone else – my Aunt – I am so nervous ……


  2. OMG! I'm so behind the knitting times – Ravelry Groups, KAL . . . I'm not sure if I have any Cormo . . . okay, now I'm in a total knitterly panic! I want to play too! Running off to find appropriate yarns now! Thanks Jane – this was just what my case of Startitis needed 😉


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