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Ah, yes…
So here it is: my birthday, time to add up all the responses to my Souvenirs and a Celebration post, and make a donation to the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation and its Women’s Cancer Network. The grand total is… 105 comments! THANK YOU! Thank you! I began by wanting to give as much as I could afford, and when I decided to invite you to participate, I had no idea that I would receive so much in return. Your beautiful stories have been such a joy to read. I’m inspired by all of you, and by all the love and life that your words contain.
This has been, for me, a month spent marveling, pondering, and feeling. Cancer is part of my story, and it always will be, but it’s a good distance behind me. I still feel the need to carry a little bag of preparedness with me, though, like a first-aid kit. It’s packed with the skills cancer gave me, and some spare determination, along with a portion of the wisdom I’ve gained so far. But this baggage, unlike what I’ve been lugging around until now, is light. It’s there just in case, to reassure me in those moments when I want to glance back over my shoulder. 
The road under my feet feels safe, and I’m ready to navigate this new year, and the next, and the next. Whatever is in store, I’m here, and I’m smiling. And I thank you all.
Now for the goodies — yarn, and beautiful pictures of my landscape —

Two skeins of Sundara Yarns DK Silky Cashmere in “Spring Fresh”: 
Louise, who commented on 4/5 at 4:34am
(please email me with your address, Louise!)

A skein of Sundara Yarns Fingering Silky Merino in “Marina over Icicles”:
Elizabeth, who commented on 4/21 at 5:35pm
(please email me with your address, Elizabeth!)

Two skeins of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Ananke in “Calypso”:
Bailey P., who commented on 4/5 at 3:19pm
(please email me with your address, Bailey!)

A skein of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Orihime in “Shoreline”:
Ellen, who commented on 4/7 at 6:30pm

A skein of Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna in “Garnet”:
Luann!, who commented on 4/6 at 1:37pm

A copy of Jake Rajs’ book Beyond the Dunes:
Reya! who commented on 4/4 at 6:12pm

I’ve contacted Ellen, Luann, and Reya — Reya! — and I hope Louise, Elizabeth, and BaileyP will see this and get in touch so I can send them their beautiful yarn.

Now that the anniversary has come and gone, and the party is winding down, I think I’ll relax, do a little knitting, and keep enjoying this life. Thank you again for making it a wonderful month, a wonderful year, and a happy birthday!

18 thoughts on “This is the life

  1. I cannot tell you how much I love that picture 😀 It is super. Congratulations to all the winners – now you all have to tell us what you are going to make with your winning 😀


  2. Beautiful sentiment. May you enjoy many, many, many more birthdays. (Because, like they say, you can never have too many candles!)


  3. Jane I love your blog. Your photos are wonderful and really move me. In particular your photos of the shoreline are fabulous and make me homesick for the sea, which I grew up by and now live far away from.I so enjoy hearing about your gentle progress through life and as a cancer survivor myself I can relate to many of your sentiments. Looking forward to the next post and with my very best wishes,Helen


  4. I've switched to a new domain, so the comments are in limbo for the time being. Everything should be OK in a few days!


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