It’s in the air. I can feel it — summer is winding down. In just a few weeks it will be over. Are you sad? I’m not, much.

Because my job is so stressful during the summer, I always try to make a survival plan, but I rarely manage to carry it out. This year, though, I think it’s working. I’ve been putting my feet up, getting plenty of sleep, and eating healthy summery foods. I’ve tried to keep my work hours on the normal side, and I take frequent breaks (even if I do still grab lunch while I’m working at my desk).

And, boy, have I been knitting! I don’t knit every day; sometimes I come home, vegetate, and go to sleep just after dark. Sometimes I knit the evening away, and before I know it, it’s past time to go to sleep. I have interesting projects going on, and lots of ideas, so knitting has kept me entertained all season.

After a few false starts and lots of grumbling, I settled on a pattern for my KBOW Woolalong project for this month. The August fiber is Shetland, so I ordered some DK Organic Shetland from Garthenor. I was a little impulsive about my choice, so I had a hard time finding a project that suited the yarn — I’ll admit it, I was really cranky for a while on Thursday — but in the end I decided on Nora Gaughan’s Here and There Scarf from Scarf Style (please excuse the cloudy day photo). So far, so good!

I also started a Stepping Stones Scarf in the same yarn I used for Herbivore. The leftover yarn was just sitting there, so what else was I supposed to do? I’ve been wanting to make another one of these for a long time, too. It will make a nice birthday/Christmas present for a friend.

I upgraded my blog’s design this morning (you know, just because I thought it would be fun to spend a few hours tweaking CSS colors and bits of HTML code). I like it, but of course I’ll find more to fiddle with. 

To make myself step away from the computer when I’d finished (but was still waffling on a few unimportant issues), I went into the kitchen and fiddled with a blueberry drop biscuit recipe. They turned out well. Baking with blueberries seems to be another part of my summer survival plan!

14 thoughts on “Fiddling

  1. Any chance you'd share the blueberries drop biscuit recipe? DH just bought 5 pounds of wild blueberries from Maine so we're up for any recipe 😉


  2. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the summer – fiddling (but not fiddly). I can see the light changing and I'm hoping to feel it soon. (omg is hot this morning.)I've wanted to make that Wandering Scarf (yes, I renamed it in my head) for years. Just never found the perfect scrumptious yarn.


  3. I can feel it in the air, too. I really do embrace the changing seasons, so when one starts to wind down. . . I really look forward to the next. (And maybe that happens a bit prematurely in, say, February!) The knitting is beautiful!


  4. Yes, Jane I too can feel summer's end. But like you, I am ready. We've had a true summer this year and I'm ready to lose the heat! Not quite ready to lose the use of the pool, but we have really enjoyed it this year.I love that 'here and there' scarf! What a lovely pattern with all those cables. Is it difficult? Gorgeous and so strikingly simple in pure white.


  5. You are so sane. I love that about you.The sky in the first pic is amazing. Skies over water are completely different than skies over land. Oh yeah.There are teensy tiny little hints of Autumn here. It's August 17 so it is inevitable … but it isn't coming soon enough for me! What a summer! Wow.


  6. love your knitting projects. And glad that you are coming down the home stretch of this bustle of summer. We'll all deep breathe come September.


  7. hello I like your blog because i love knitting and books I am reading Bill Bryson At Home and finally finished Millennium trilogy which was a bit overrated. whats a baktus by the way?


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