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I’ve been a bit random in my knitting lately. I’m spending most of my time on a couple of secret gifts at the moment, but when I want to take a break from the luxurious Queensland Collection Kathmandu (merino, silk, and cashmere!) I have this wonderful yarn discovery to occupy my hands. It’s sport weight organic cotton, loosely plied, and it’s making the best washcloths ever.

I came across it near the end of a road trip I took a few weeks ago. I had some time off from work so I went down to the Eastern shore of Maryland to visit my friends Kris and Roy. Kris and I knit our fingers to the bone while the three of us had a wonderful visit. On my first day there we drove to Philadelphia, where I got to go to the incredible wish-it-was-my-LYS, Loop. It was everything I’d dreamed it would be: well-curated, full of natural light, and staffed by people who know their yarn.

Then we went to the Italian Market, where we purchased and consumed lots of things like this:
And this:
Back at home, there was lots of this:
And this:
And some of this:
Kris and I even managed to start a summer knit along project. We’re making Color Affection scarves with my yarn crush, Brooklyn Tweed Loft. Purchased at Loop, of course. He’s probably finished his by now, while mine is waiting while I finish those secret gifts.
On the day before I went home, Kris and I went to Chesapeake City, Maryland to visit Vulcan’s Rest Fibers, where I found the beautiful yarn at the top of this post. It’s a little town on the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal, and the yarn shop is lovely, with a good selection and great staff.
Today is one of those Sundays. It’s hot, I have things to do at home (not just knitting!) and I’m happy to be here. So, here we are. 
“Why are you taking pictures of a washcloth?”

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  1. Kathmandu is one of my faves, too! I suppose it's only fitting that you have it OTN while I finally have your crush Loft on mine. ;). (and I am equally ticked by it)


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