Two leaves

Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool Leaves Pattern, with leaf appliqués added.
Queensland Collection Kathmandu Chunky Yarn
Rachel and Rebecca

My summer knitting can be revealed: two blankets for the Remarkable R’s. I began knitting in early July, and I stitched the leaf on to the second blanket on August 1st. I love this pattern, and I’d like to make it again sometime. It was so comfortable to knit — repetitive enough to be easy but complicated enough to keep me interested.

As I went along, I though about how much the girls love each other, and how they’ll miss their sis when they’re at college. That’s when I decided to make a little leaf for each one’s blanket, using the yarn from her sister’s. I was very proud to see the grey one folded at the end of Becca’s dormitory bed as she unpacked on Saturday!
My second summer project has been a new blog, The 40-Year Round Trip. The R’s mother Judy and I met on our first day of college, and here we are forty years later, taking her girls to college — so we decided to write about it. Judy wrote an especially lovely post on Sunday morning, after we’d delivered Becca to her dorm at Bard College. 
We’ll be driving to Maine at the end of the month to take Rachel to school. By then I’ll have something new on the needles — something for the fall, perhaps, or something to pass the time on the long drive, or maybe something to commemorate all these milestones.

5 thoughts on “Two leaves

  1. This is such a poignant time for them, and for you and Judy too… the mere idea of the two leaves makes me a little misty-eyed. Beautiful.


  2. Jane, not one, but two? Goodness, you are nice. My youngest is off to college in a couple weeks. Familiar stories. Blankets are lovely. Thanks for sharing.


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