Perfectly lovely

It’s only taken me a year to finish this Hitchhiker scarf. Simple as it is, it took so long because it kept being pushed aside for other, more “urgent” projects. It’s on its way to my sister Sarah (the quilter), and I hope she’ll put it aside for next winter, since it wasn’t finished in time for this one.

What keeps me from finishing perfectly lovely projects? Distraction, or too many ideas, or deadlines? Sometimes.

It doesn’t really matter. Making stitches with beautiful yarn matters. Wrapping my sister in a scarf matters. Discovering the next thing I want to knit matters.

What keeps you from finishing your perfectly lovely projects? What a silly question.

Hitchhiker Scarf, madelinetosh tosh merino light 

3 thoughts on “Perfectly lovely

  1. Very pretty, and I'm sure that your Sister will be thrilled to have it, for next Winter. Heck, she still might get the chance of some use this year, the way things are going at the moment. LOLI have a feeling you are not alone. I do the same thing with some of my projects too. Life gets in the way of my knitting plans on occasion, as it does for you too. Thank goodness yarn doesn't spoil, eh? 🙂


  2. My UFOs are largely things I begin for myself…they get shoved aside to make gifts for others. This is frustrating but always worth it. Lovely scarf, that, and in a glorious colour!


  3. Gorgeous scarf for your sister. For me, finishing is the frosting on the cake. I like the beginning better than the ending. Same way with many books. Anyway, don't short change yourself, Jane. You design beautiful patterns and knit many lovely items. Remember the two blankets?


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