In order

I collect bits of knitting things in these books. They are where I write down project notes and design ideas. The pale purple one is where I wrote down all my ideas and little dots and dashes for the Falling Waters shawl. The dark blue one contains notes for my Hickory socks. The big one is where I’m writing my ideas for some new designs. And the little book on the top of the pile has been with me for years and years, ever since I needed a place to write down the formulas for the weaving I used to do.

No matter how often I turn to the Internet for information, or look something up in The Principles of Knitting, I usually end up looking in these books, too. I’m sure I wrote that down, or didn’t I use this stitch once before, or for the life of me I can’t remember how to Kitchener. It’s all scribbled somewhere, in organized disarray — my knitting brain!

Where do you park your knitting brain?

3 thoughts on “In order

  1. Hmmm…I don't. Then again, I don't design in knitting. I design in quilting, and that happens with photos and sometimes, sketches and/or tracings that get glued into sketchbooks. For knitting I rely on Other People's Instructions, or on my memory (Plain Vanilla Socks in particular). I admire your being able to design knitting, but for me that would involve learning another language — one that I can 'read' but currently cannot 'write' — and I'm not there just now. Blessings!


  2. Jane! You're blogging again! I know you don't read me anymore (I am not a private blog anymore) but I've kept track of you. I was sorry to hear about the book store but glad to see that you've started blogging again. You always have such lovely words to write down in this space of yours.I'm afraid my knitting brain is in the stall position. I haven't been doing very much. Right now I am working on Fiber Trend's felted clogs for the hubby whose old pair has now worn a hole in the toe. I love that pattern.I've only used the kitchener stitch once and I know I'd never remember how to do it again without watching a vid!Welcome back! Take care Jane.


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