My to-do list is filled with mundane things today. Vacuum, change the sheets, get milk, work on the pattern write-ups. Take a walk, make some calls, send those emails.

I’ll do all those things, but I have to knit, too. I need to spend some time with garter stitch and silly little edge picots.

You see, I’ve been standing by as my best friend Judy navigates the process of placing her dear mother in a nursing facility. I’m reminded of my own family’s journey through the same maze, led by my siblings and especially my sister Ellen. I’m full of love and admiration for Judy, and I know her mom loves her more than anything in the whole wide world.

I miss my dear Gig, and I wish peace and comfort for Judy’s sweet Louise. Kisses to both of them, and to Judy, too.

(And honey, I’m sorry if this makes you cry. You probably need a good one anyway.)

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