New York girl

Letter to her in-laws from my mother, a girl from New York City, about the Cochran family farm outside Middleburg, Virginia

Gloria August 1954

The orchard is free to walk in now, and Russell said the next time we see it, they will have gotten at the hill to the north of the house. Mother Nature didn’t cover things entirely, but left a few clumps of crocuses, and possibly irises. I found a few crocuses with buds on the last snowy visit, and this time two of them had blossomed. I wore the poor things all day, until they were rather bedraggled specimens. Just think, they are the first harvest of a new Landmark. Who knows what else will pop up.” — March 30, 1947

Happy Birthday to our dear Gig, and Happy Spring.

(This picture was taken by the well at Landmark in August, 1954)