Road trip


I’ve been holed up in my own world for a little too long, so yesterday I packed a bag (and plenty of knitting, of course) and drove down to Maryland to visit my friends Kris and Roy for a couple of days.

I’m sitting in my favorite chair in their living room, knitting and visiting and having a wonderful time. We’ve had the first round of good, strong coffee in the beautiful Herend cups. In a little while Kris and I are going to take some bags of yarn outside to put color combinations together. We’ll sort and figure, add and subtract, and trade some skeins back and forth.

Then it might be time for more coffee. And we’ll knit more, and talk, and compare pattern discoveries, and catch up on all the things we’ve been thinking and doing. There’ll be time enough for almost all we need to say.

On Saturday evening I’ll go down to Washington for a visit with my family, and we’ll get to catch up, too.

A long weekend in the company of some of my favorite people is a very good thing!

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