The view from here

specs 3It’s late Sunday afternoon, and my first weekend as a nine-to-fiver is almost over. In all my working life, I’ve never had a “regular” job; most of the time my days off were split, or fell during the week, or had to be taken when I could squeeze them in. At my new job, things are more normal. I think I can get used to this!

(After just two days I don’t want to jinx it, but I think I have found the job for me. Good people, interesting work, a learning curve I can master, and somewhere my skills can be of value.)

I haven’t been knitting much — I made some progress on the shawl I’ve been designing, but it’s slow going while I get used to my new schedule. Besides, I needed to get things in order before my first day, and knitting had to wait.

At the top of my To Do list was to order new glasses. I had a new prescription, and when I thought about it I knew that it was time to celebrate my new career with new frames. Sounds pretty minor, doesn’t it?  “Wow, new glasses, big deal.”

I’m very timid about these kinds of changes; as someone who has worn glasses for more than 50 years, they’re a part of my face. Change is hard, but my life has been full of those lately, and my world hasn’t collapsed. So what did I do this time? I got blue glasses. Spiffy, sassy, new-job blue glasses.

I feel spectacular.

3 thoughts on “The view from here

  1. Those frames look GREAT! Just a touch of fun — but balanced and practical, too. 🙂 Be gentle with yourself as you adjust to your new schedule. So glad you’ve found a job with such a perfect fit!


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