September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month. It’s important.

After my diagnosis in May 2008, I learned everything I could about my cancer—uterine cancer of the endometrium—but of course I wish I’d been more informed before I was overwhelmed with the symptoms of my disease, and by the diagnosis of an advanced cancer, Stage III-C.

Women of every age need to learn, understand, and be aware of their bodies. This is where my own education began: The Foundation for Women’s Cancer.

I’m here, five years after beginning my journey, and still learning. If you know my blog, you know I’ve tried to write about my experiences, and to share them with the hope that they’ll help someone else. I’m not a cancer warrior. I’m a traveler. The category archives are here: Cancer; and here: Road to Wellville.

2 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. We each have our own challenges and adventures on our journeys. In sharing yours, you are helping us realize we aren’t alone and you bring a new perspective. Thank you for sharing your journey.


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