Noyac Bay Toque & Cowl

Noyac Bay 16

When Clara Parkes asks you if you’d like to play with her new yarn, you say yes without hesitation. She has an eye and a feel for wool, and you know that what you hold in your hands is bound to be an incredible knitting experience. She sent me a bit of this wonderful worsted weight, called Cormo 1.0. I sketched and swatched, again and again, until I found the magic combination of stitches for the perfect hat and cowl.

Noyac Bay 1They’re called Noyac Bay, after — no surprise — my favorite place near Sag Harbor. It’s where I go to breathe deeply, sit for a while, take a little walk on the rocky shore, or watch the sky. It is my Happy Place.

The stitches I combined are textured and cozy. The toque has a bit of length to give it a comfortable slouch, and the cowl will keep you toasty even on the coldest days on Short Beach. I’m really, really pleased with the the way my designs work with Clara’s Cormo 1.0.

Noyac Bay 8

This yarn is the embodiment of a good worsted weight wool. It’s plump, robust, and ever so soft. The knitting is like dipping a spoon into a rich, dense ice cream — you just sigh and smile and enjoy the experience. Its four plies take on texture with exuberance, and once your piece is washed and blocked, you’ll see why Clara chose Cormo for the debut yarn in her collection.

I’m also proud to offer something to you that helps present this amazing yarn project to the world. The story of her adventure in making yarn is here, at Clara Yarn. The patterns are available on Ravelry, and Cormo 1.0 is available on the Clara Yarn website (there are links at the bottom of this post).

So this is what I’ve been doing — keeping a happy secret, giggling and knitting my way through the end of this wearying winter. I’m so very content, even while the ground beneath me is a little shaky. Knitters know that knitting can save you, and I’m saying amen to that.

Noyac Bay 30

Noyac Bay 15

The Noyac Bay pieces were photographed a couple of weeks ago right on the shore of Short Beach. It was a chilly day, but one that let us know that winter would indeed be over soon. I was fortunate that one of the Remarkable R’s was home on break — Rachel was a wonderful and intrepid model, and we had a lot of fun posing and snapping and laughing. It was cold out there!

Noyac Bay 32

Noyac Bay Toque

Noyac Bay Cowl

Clara Yarn Cormo 1.0

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  1. Love the way the basketweave pattern extends from the ribbing. Your patterns always show attention to detail. And any yarn that can compared to ice cream has got to be wonderful!

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