Make cake

It was a long week. Summers are like this. If I think I’m busy enough, it gets busier. Just when I think I have a handle on it, I need to hang on tighter. The store is busier every day (as it should be) and we had a pretty big event yesterday (the bookstore hosted Jill Zarin, who is a local resident and author, as well as one of the Real Housewives of New York City), so I really needed to relax today.

So what did I do? Made cake! It’s a delicious and simple Blueberry Coffee Cake from my ancient (1951) copy of the Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book. My mother and grandmother did a lot of their cooking using this book — most of our family birthday cakes began with the Take It Easy Two-Egg Cake —and the splotchy pages show it. A little bit of baking makes me happy, and that’s a good way to end the week.

While I was relaxing, I finished my latest Baktus. It’s so soft and silky, and it drapes and folds just right.

I can’t wait to block it, wrap it up, and send it on its way! And since it’s off the needles, can I start another one? All this garter stitch seems to be keeping my brain from melting.