Landmark 16Spring finally arrived on the East End. It’s warm – or warmer – and that makes me happy. The other day I went to the Morton Wildlife Refuge near Sag Harbor (on a top-secret photography mission!). The path was so quiet and green, and we saw two big turkeys and the usual assortment of cardinals and chickadees. I left feeling happy and peaceful, and I could have stayed all day!

At home, the wisteria that’s planted at the bottom of my little deck has more flowers this year. The vines are trying to get into the house as usual, but the flowers are lovely.

Wisteria May 14

I spend so much energy looking for a good job – turning over rocks, peering under furniture, etc. – that I need air and sun and the strong perfume of wisteria blossoms. I’m not totally discouraged yet, but I’m growing weary. Knitting, as always, saves me. It’s moving me forward and widening my world in ways that I never expected. And the very act of making a stitch, and then another, and more – well, if you’re a knitter, you know what a balm that is.

Hats May 14


More knitting means more hats. They’re hats that make me happy, because knitting them is so peaceful. Knit, knit, knit, around and around. I love discovering stripes or bursts of color in these Sundara sock yarns. The colors behave differently on 144 stitches, instead of the 68 or so when they are becoming socks. It’s a project that keeps me so interested that I’ve begun to carry a hat with me wherever I go!