Moving (not far)

I went missing again, but it was for good reason. I was buried under a mountain of books! In the time since I last posted — on my birthday — the bookstore that I manage decided to move, closed, packed, moved, and reopened. “Nothing short of a miracle,” says our general manager. I agree. Who in their right mind would or could move an entire store, start to finish, in such a short time? Well, I’m not sure we’re in our right minds, but we did it, and we did it well. 

Granted, we just moved next door; but it was a monumental, physically draining, emotionally stressful three weeks. I’m proud of all of us who made it happen. Our new space is light, airy, clean, beautifully renovated —  and it has hot water. We gave up the creaky wooden floors, so loved by our customers, but I’ll take hot water over creaky wooden floors any day.

There’s even more moving going on — I moved the blog to my own domain. I feel like such a grown-up! If you arrived here via, you’ll notice that you’ve been redirected to At least I hope that people will end up here… I’m not quite sure what happens to the feed.

Just to be on the safe side, please update your feed reader to 
(and when I publish this, we’ll see what happens).
I’ve been trying to maintain at least a little of my knitting mojo in these weeks. This is my version of Evelyn Clark’s Old Shale Shawl, which was first published in the Jan/Feb 2005 Piecework Magazine. I’m knitting with my own handspun — it’s that blend of BFL, cashmere, silk, and merino from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. I decided to knit the shawl in stockinette rather than garter stitch, because this pretty yarn deserves to show off. I’m also leaving out the traditional garter ridges in the classic stitch. I think of this as Feather Without the Fan. 
When I began knitting, I knew that I would run out of yarn, and more fiber was already on the way from Jen. I kept knitting all through The Move, and now that life is going to be a little (not a lot, just a little) more sane I’ll spin up the rest of what I need. I’m usually distressed at the idea of running out of yarn in the middle of a project; aren’t we all? But this time, since I knew from the start, I could spend my little bit of knitting time enjoying myself. 
The other thing I’m going to do now that the bookstore is getting back to normal is send out the giveaway prizes!  I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to everyone who has been checking their mailbox and wondering what on earth became of that nice yarn, or that big book. 
This is what I do when I have a whole day ahead of me, I’m too tired to do anything serious like vacuum, and there are fresh blueberries in the fridge. I love these old muffin pans; they were the ones my grandmother used, and they’re probably about sixty years old. I know, that was only 1950. But saying they’re sixty makes them seem antique rather than just retro. The muffins are pretty tasty, too. The secret is a little lemon peel, added at the last minute.