Stash collaboration

vacation outsideI’ve been filled to the brim with knitting inspiration. In our short time together Kris and I produced what we call a Stash Collaboration — we pooled our entire collections of Sundara sock yarn, as well as everything that resembles it in weight, and came up with combinations of colors to make two Carlisle scarves.

We stood outside on the deck and threw colors together, added and subtracted, said yes or no. We squinted, dug deeper into the bags, had some aha! moments of brilliance and inspiration, and almost fell over each other to get back inside and cast on.

kris' carlisleWe stayed up late into the night, knitting away until we’d reached the point where we knit the first color change and began the next section.

On Saturday morning we got up and kept knitting, through two cups of strong coffee and grazing that passed for breakfast. We began talking about other colors that might work together, and projects that we could knit with them.

collaborationBefore long, we were outside again, throwing yarns on to the table, digging through the stash. Kris remembered a bag in the attic, and he retrieved it.

It was so hot outside that we had to pack up and get out of the sun, but not before we had created at least four combinations of beautiful colors that will become some magnificent knitting, I’m sure.

two carlislesKris and I had so much fun collaborating that we half-joked about creating a Stash Collaboration Workshop. Just imagine a room full of yarn stashes, thrown together for a few hours of combining, project planning, inspiration, sharing, and knitting. It would be amazing!

When I packed up the car on Saturday afternoon, ready to head down to Capitol Hill for a visit with my family, I knew that Kris would likely go right back inside and keep knitting. He did, and the next day I got a text: “This scarf is genius. 4″ to go [on the center section].” By Monday afternoon, he texted “Bazinga!” He’d finished the center and one of the long side bands.

I have some catching up to do!