IMG_5110There is something about this word, reassured. Reassure, reassurance, reassuring. It doesn’t just comfort, it sturdies.

It’s been almost seven years since my cancer diagnosis, and just over six years since I finished treatment. I visited Dr. Pearl and Nurse Sylvia yesterday, and came away ready to put my traveling shoes on and continue down the road. I’ve been reassured in a most … reassuring way.

I went to the Cancer Center with a long list of questions, and with a few concerns. We sat together and talked for twenty minutes, and I was reminded of those days when a long conversation was essential, when Dr. Pearl was creating the treatment plan that would keep me alive. It’s been a while, but this time I wanted the long conversation, and the reassurance.

When I left the building I knew I’d experienced his art again. We are a team, Dr. P. and Sylvia and I. I don’t have cancer, and I am reassured that I’m always in his care, that we are working together to keep me that way.