Progress on two fronts

I Knit! Carlisle V2 2

I finished my Stash Collaboration Carlisle. I think I like it more than my first one.

Carlisle V2 3

I have three or four more color combinations to go.

Carlisle V2 5

I think I’ll look for a new pattern, though. I’ll make another Carlisle one of these days.

Madder Honey Cowl 3

Since it arrived last week, I’ve been anxious to knit something with Lot 2: The Blackberry Ridge Experiment from the Great White Bale. On July 4th—boom!—it came to me. It’s a Honey Cowl.

Madder Honey Cowl 2

I’ve made a few of them for gifts, and I know I love the pattern. The yarn is amazing, as usual. Plump, 305 yards in a skein, knit on US9 needles. The stitch stands out, and brings out the subtleties of the madder, dyed especially for the Bale by Kristine and Adrienne at A Verb For Keeping Warm. I’ll save the undyed skein for something else, maybe a hat.

Madder Honey Cowl 1

Rosemary wanted to know what I was doing out on the deck, as usual.

I found a new job!

Though I’ve been busy living life, unemployment hasn’t been comfortable. I don’t like not working (who does, really?). A couple of weeks ago I had interviews at Tate’s Bake Shop for a job in the web store. I knew things went well, but I was going a little crazy waiting to hear if I got the job, so that’s how I ended up road tripping to Maryland and Washington. A couple of days after I got home, I was offered the job, and I knew it was Just Right. I can’t wait to start working this week.

It felt like it took forever to find work, but I know that’s not so. I’m fortunate that I found  a good job with a good company, and where I believe my skills will be valued. There aren’t many of those around, and I had to summon all my patience and positivity while I searched. And now I get to work for Kathleen King, in the business that she started and nurtured, and that’s growing in all sorts of exciting ways! Tate’s cookies are legendary around here, and I’m so glad I found a job working for another local institution.

I’ll have a commute for the first time in years, so my iPod is loaded with good audiobooks, my car has had a check-up, and I’m ready to go. Wish me luck!