persimmon lg 1
Introducing Persimmon —
persimmons 1
There are two designs to choose from.
persimmon lg 5
One is a long circle.
persimmon sm 1
The other is a short cowl.
persimmon lg 2
They tilt.
persimmon lg 3
And of course that makes me very happy.

Persimmon is available at Ravelry —
View the pattern or buy the download now.

Persimmon came about because I wanted to design a long circle scarf that was simple, but not boring to make. A little design on the edge, just enough, and then knit-knit-knit. I started with the tilting border — not only do I love tilting things, but in this case it was the perfect way to begin a loop. The plain edge rolls or doesn’t, depending on how you like it. After I’d finished, and worn it around for a while, I decided to make a small Persimmon in a different yarn weight. It’s also simple, and uses just a bit of yarn.

The long version of Persimmon was made with madelinetosh tosh merino light in the color “Magnolia.” I love how golden-orange it is, without being really orange. It wraps twice to keep you warm, or just once to dress you up a bit.

The short, or regular cowl version was made with an incredible yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks called Holda — a blend of lambswool, cashmere, and angora — in the color “Chipotle.” This small Persimmon is suitable for men and women. It scrunches up nicely, drapes comfortably, and is perfect under a jacket.

Persimmon is modeled by Rebecca Speckenbach. You last saw her much younger feet wearing the original Hedgerows.

So there you have it — another something I’ve been up to lately!