"The song that is irresistible"

I tried to resist the Siren Song of the Amazing Twining Lace Scarf, really I did. I thought, “I’ll just cast on and knit a few rows to see if I like how it looks.”

We all know where that leads, don’t we? We think we’ll just swatch a little. We’ll test the yarn. We might as well choose the needles while we’re at it. We leap overboard.

It’s so seductive, this geometry of lace. With each row the pattern builds, twines, and wraps its little tendrils around my knitting fingers. I am caught. Completely ensnared. I tell myself that I won’t forget the mostly-finished sock, that I promise to knit a few rows at work. If I can knit just a bit more on this scarf, just to see what happens next, I promise I’ll be good, I swear I’ll get up and switch the laundry, brush the cat, call the sister.

I am so weak. I’m going back to knitting now.

3 thoughts on “"The song that is irresistible"

  1. that is a pretty nice beginnings of a shawl as well there sweetieand of course I will take you folks with meI was asked to write a book and do the self publish route from the funny stories on my blogI am thinking of doing that as wellvi


  2. Oh Jane, that is a great lace pattern for a scarf. Mmmmmm, maybe I’ll have to get that pattern and put it with all my other “eventually” patterns!


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