A Fine Day

It’s been a relaxing, knitting, blog-fiddling, peach-mango smoothie-drinking kind of day. And it’s Sunday, to boot! (You may have noticed a recurring theme here at Not Plain Jane).

The temperature is tolerable with the windows open, and there’s even a breeze. I’m almost ashamed to complain about keeping the AC on, because I’m so grateful to have it at all, but too many days without fresh air makes me nuts. I do love to turn it off and throw the windows open.

Besides, Herself enjoys a good nap on the sill, and I like to oblige. She’s not setting foot out the door again till the ground is frozen and the deer ticks have retreated, so I do what I can.

Knitting progress is slow, but steady. I’ve been working away on the Amazing Twining Lace Scarf, which still has me all tangled up in its beguiling symmetry. The pattern just makes so much sense. Isn’t that Amazing?

3 thoughts on “A Fine Day

  1. Herself is lovely! My boys are inside year round, and then we got the dog and Aslan got a VERY bad case of fleas last year – he’s allergic and got very very sick. But we haven’t been struck this year yet, thank goodness.Glad you had such a fine day!


  2. Well, Annabelle only ventures about 10 yards past the bottom of the stairs when she does go out, but there are ticks everywhere! She had a bad reaction to the one-spot, and I got bitten anyway, so I gave up. She now gets to sit at the top of the stairs if I’m there,too. Bo-ringgggg…


  3. Hey Jane.Ah, what a sweet Sunday you had – you go, girl! I am like you – give me a bit of a wee break in between the AC times so I can feel some fresh air. We just had some of that this past week-end too.Our kitties are inside critters – that makes life easier for all of us.Best,Martha


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