The countdown continues

Two weeks to go, and Summer is taking the hint. We’re expecting a big weather change here tonight, with lows around 60 and highs around 80 for the next week. I can handle that.

There’s nothing like a good haircut to make a person feel better, too, so I got a sassy-looking one today, all stacked and taking advantage of the one wave my hair has. That, along with a well-timed iced latte, and I had a great day. Monday is the hardest day of my week, because I need to race to get my reorders in to the publishers so the books will arrive before Friday. By one o’clock I’m usually fried, so a haircut to break up the afternoon is a Good Thing!

At home, in my little yarn world, I’m trying to decide what to make with my 588 yards of handspun. It’s not meant to be a lace scarf after all (it said no when I swatched), so I’m looking through all the free patterns I’ve collected. It might like being something with cables, maybe an Irish Hiking Scarf, but there are about a gazillion free patterns out there, and my own library could provide many more. So, I think I’ll just prop the yarn up and show it pictures of what it might become. It might want to be a little shawl, so I’ll give it that option as well.

I’m waiting patiently for the time when I have time to think about the KR Retreat. It’s a good gift to give myself. I can’t wait to meet all the people I’ve become so fond of over the past few years (Hey, Martha!), and I’m looking forward to spending a whole weekend doing nothing but fiberly things. The lead-in, Rhinebeck, is also a treat I’m excited about. Besides, I’ll need something new to spin.

So, off I go to commune with my yarn. Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “The countdown continues

  1. Oh, Jane, what glorious homespun! Looked at the scarf link – it would be beautiful in your homespun.The weather here in Philly is cooler too – thank you, weather goddesses! – & I love it.See you, I hope, at Rhinebeck at the Spirit Trail booth & at the Retreat too.Best, Martha


  2. wow – fabulous yarn! maybe something amazing to show off that glorious color!!it’s kind of interesting how the yarn will whisper to us (eventually) what it wants to be!great blog!!


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