Love, and some yarn

I never expected to find myself at a traffic light, my heart being pulled from my chest, my breathing suspended, my body numb. I am listening to The History of Love by Nicole Krauss.

There I was at the red light, gazing off into space, just listening to this book. And then the character Leo Gursky lists all that he has lost. It is one of the most powerful and sad and moving passages I have ever read. It’s beautiful, just beautiful. My heart still hurts a little bit. Read this book. Everyone who knows me knows that I never tell others what to read, so I am taking a big chance here.

I had a great day off. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, so I took the ferries to the North Fork of Long Island instead of “driving around.” Besides, who wouldn’t want to take one of these sweet little things on a ride across a beautiful stretch of water on a bright summer day? My main mission was to check out the sale at my not-too-local yarn shop, so spending almost $20 on two ten-minute boat rides doesn’t make much sense, but I love this little trip. It’s worth it.

My stash has been enhanced by a nice skein of Schaeffer Laurel in “Elizabeth Blackwell”, some Great Adirondack Superwash Merino in “Peacock”, and 110 precious yards of Great Adirondack 1/8 Silk in “Dove”. Oh, and a few odd balls of wool must have rolled into my bag, because they’re here, but I swear I don’t know how it happened. Wensleydale and something Cleckheaton, I think they claim to be. I “needed” some needles, so I got a couple of Bryspun circulars to try. I’m trying them out on a handspun yarn thing, which I’ll post about if and when it works.

I’m not an impulsive yarn-buyer. I spend a long time contemplating yarn before I pile it on the counter and pull out the credit card, but I’m also willing to trust my instincts when a yarn is speaking to me. That’s how I ended up with 110 yards of obscenely expensive (even on sale) silk ribbon the color of mourning doves. It was just meant to be!

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  1. Sometimes the best fun is those odd balls of wool that leap into your shopping bag while your head is turned! thanks for the book suggestion too


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