Still not knitting

I can’t. I’m too tired and the week has been too much for me. Tomorrow is Labor Day, though, and the exodus will begin in the early afternoon. The Summer People will have one last glimpse of the ocean, buy one last book, and then they’ll turn towards home, to New York City or New Jersey, or even somewhere else on Long Island. They have had a good summer, I hope, and they didn’t get washed away by a hurricane.

I can’t think or write as clearly as Catherine, so I’ll just tell you to go read her blog. Today’s New York Times has two powerful op-ed pieces by Richard Ford and Anne Rice. Come to think of it, today’s Times op-ed pages are worth a good, long look anyway, because there’s a lot of truth being told. I can’t be a political blogger; I can’t shape my thoughts into words as well as I would like. I witness, though. I pay attention. I am present. This stuff matters to me, and I am grateful to all those who can write with eloquence and power.

I want there to be good news, so I’ve an idea to share something nice and normal and mundane:

  • Clara sent out the roommate assignments for the Retreat, so it’s really real now. I’ll do a happy dance when I recover from this past work week.
  • I saw “Pippin” at Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor the other night. I’d dreaded it for some reason (too tired, too many people, etc.), but of course it was just what I needed. I went with my friend J, her marvelous girls, the twins R & R, and their grandmother. The R’s were all pre-teen and sweet and silly, and they got B. D. Wong’s autograph. Their neighbor (cute boy alert!) played Theo. J and I always say we need to do things like this more often, and it’s true. Our next adventure: Rhinebeck.
  • You know how I have loved and lived for blueberries — well, they’re sooo last month. Local peaches are my new New Thing. They’ll save me, for sure.

I’m needed at work for a little while today. Somehow it doesn’t bother me all that much. A few hours, then one final push through tomorrow, and I will have made it through the summer!

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