One evening’s occupation

This is the baby panda at the Washington National Zoo. You can’t have him, because he’s mine, but I’ll share a picture. I watch him on the PandaCam. Once you start it’s hard to stop. I think I might have to visit him when I’m down that way.

This is my first Dulaan hat. Three hours flat (er, in the round, actually). One strand Peruvian Highland Wool, one strand Peruvian Alpaca, size 13 needles. Easy-peasy, double-layered and everything!

It’s official: I made it through the summer.

5 thoughts on “One evening’s occupation

  1. YAY for making it through the summer! there were plenty of times when I questioned it myself!!!And that panda…OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS


  2. Hey.Attention K-Mart shoppers: baby panda has entered the buidling!My computer is not letting me see your splendid Dulaan hat but, fingers crossed, I will get to see it at the Retreat. Yes?Best,Martha


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