Cerulean day

Finally, a day to myself. A small work obligation will take me to East Hampton, but that means I’ll be near the art supply store, where I have some lovely gift certificates to spend. I’ve been wanting a tube of watercolor called “Opera” — a bright red/carmine concoction that I’ve dreamed of adding to my palette. And if I hear the whisper of the perfect Number 6 Sable brush, I just might answer.

It’s a beautiful day, and I could stop at a beach somewhere (now that Summer is over, we can go to the beach without a pass or fee) and spend a bit of time by the ocean, maybe with a brush and paint and paper. This is the best time of year here, when the exquisite East End light seems to sharpen and clarify everything, and the sun makes the world glow. The greens are softening, and the grasses are taking on a purple hue that means their season is ending. The dome of the sky is right-out-of-the-tube cerulean (its grainy texture is perfect for capturing the sky on these days).

My desk is covered in papers, there’s laundry to do, and I really have been wanting to organize some files. They can wait.