As I was saying

Cerulean, with a touch of Thioindigo violet near the horizon. Too bad my little painting isn’t presentable! It needs a “little work.” I had a nice time, though. I sat at the edge of Mecox Bay, which touches the ocean in an ever-changing swirl of sand bars, depending on the season and the weather.

I need to paint a little more often. It makes me happy.

One thought on “As I was saying

  1. Oh, darling, you need to paint more it makes US happy!!!I popped over here to tell you that I’m three inches up on the green sock and (cough cough) I still (ahem) can’t tell (cough) if it’s striping, so I’m forced to keep working on it instead of the other things I have to get done.Ahem.They are evil socks, and it is all your fault.


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