I did a little yarn shopping today, but not for myself. My dear niece B, who’s just started college in Michigan, learned to knit this summer. Sort of. We were in a motel in Maryland, I was knitting, she said let me try, I said here, use these needles and this extra ball of yarn (Crystal Palace bamboo circs and Peruvian Cashmere!) and off she went. Sort of. Her knitting sloped, it slanted, it had amazing unintentional texture, but it was knitting, and she was having fun.

Then I’m back at home in New York, and the next thing I know, I get a call from her. They’re in the car, driving back to Chicago, and the knitting came off the needles. It’s dark, and she’s bouncing around in the way back of the SUV, but she wants to start over. Three attempts later (three dropped calls, that is) and I have to hope that she’s got it. Let me just say that telling someone how to cast on over the phone is not easy, and that hanging on to the phone, listening, and casting on is no piece of cake either.

I found out later that the needles broke (sat upon, I suppose) but B had gone off to college with a new pair of an unknown size, and that same old ball of cashmere. Good, but I can improve on it a bit. So that’s what I did today. Two balls of Moda Dea Cache in a color called “Rave” and a pair of Clover straights, size 10.5. I started a garter stitch scarf for her, so that she could knit right away. She’s a process knitter already — she needs to occupy her hands — and she can learn to cast on next time. Now I just need her address!

Oh, and B’s wonderful sister R reports that all her house mates at her college have taken up knitting, and that they “don’t do anything but sit at home and watch TV and knit.” That sounds familiar to me!

Speaking of knitting and TV, which are best done together, last night I finished the Here and There scarf, and all it needs is a little blocking. I’m at the heel of the second Go With the Flow sock (finally), and then I’ll be free to get to work on my Manos sweater (which at this point I am afraid will make me look like a Tutti Frutti Michelin Woman, but I’ll keep going anyway). Knitting is good, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Rave

  1. My mother claims she knit when my brother and I were little, but I have no memory. I retaught her last year, and since have had to leave restaurants to answer the cell phone to knitting emergencies and coach her through all sorts of things on the phone. Did I metion my husband is freakishly patient?Anyway, I get the biggest kick out of your little comments on my blog (a fellow smartass!) — expect the biggest hug ever at the KR Retreat!!!


  2. Love it, Jane, that you are an enabler! We need more of us on the planet.Look forward to seeing your projects when we are at the Knitter’s Review Retreat.Martha


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