Sunday and a sock tale

I ordered a little bit of Fortissima Colori sock yarn from Elann this week: two balls each of “Irish Mists,” “Harvest Apple” (Wowza! That’s a bright one!), and “Tropica.” I like the colors, and of course, the price doesn’t hurt. Sock yarn hardly counts as stash anyway. I brought it home and set it aside for later, after I finish the second Go With the Flow sock. I’m on the heel flap, about to turn the heel, and it’s good knitting. I’m plugging away on Dulaan hats, too, and I want to finish the knitting part of my Amazing Twining Lace scarf so that I can begin the necessary mental preparation for The Grafting. All in all, this is a good week for knitting.

But then, almost before I knew it, I had knit this:

It’s the cuff of Nancy Bush’s Rib and Cable socks from the Fall issue of IK. No matter how hard I try, I can’t control myself. I have no will power. I am weak. Pathetic. Seduced and helpless.

The Go With the Flow sock, however, has other ideas:This is a rapidly developing story, so stay tuned.


My local knitting circle reconvened on Thursday, and it was, shall we say, interesting. I took my place at the table with much enthusiasm, thinking that this would be like a real live KR, and everybody would share and gab and become fast friends in that special Knitterly way. There was a strange vibe — was it Shyess? Defensiveness? I don’t know you so I’ll just knit this sock-ness? I sat back and tried to be quiet (I had begun to feel like a Party Girl, which I am most definitely not). I think I’m hungry for some Real Woman Bonding, and I need to lower my expectations here. This is a diverse group of women who have come together because they knit, and they’re probably looking for the same things I am, but whatever it is will have to develop over time. Isn’t that how it happens in knitting circles in the rest of the world?

I had to stop listening to Sound and the Fury. It’s not a listening book, it’s a reading book. It’s very powerful and strange (in a good way) and I’ll get back to it soon. In the meantime I’m listening to Room With a View, which I adore because it is set in Florence, and I miss Florence. I’ve also joined the Knit One Read Too book group, and the October book is Yellow Jack by Josh Russell. I ordered a copy from my favorite local bookstore: me!

So it’s Sunday. The Here and There scarf is drying (if Miss Annabelle can keep her not-small rear end off of it, it will be dry today). The laundry du jour is in mid-cycle, the weather is absolutely gorgeous, and I am going to a birthday party for J‘s mother, who is turning 91 years old. I’ve known her for 33 years, too!

I hope your Sunday, like mine, is just the way you like it.

3 thoughts on “Sunday and a sock tale

  1. I’ve had a hard time finding a knitting group I really like for just that reason. KR brought some amazing people into my life, including a small circle of friends that I will have forever – a deep spiritual connection between women who are all very different and yet very alike… I met them in person at the first retreat, and each of those women was exactly like I’d expected… Meeting a new knitting group for me is like what you describe…*tumbleweeds blow by, crickets chirp…*It’s very very strange… but I know the magic is always there with those women, and it’s why Clara will have to work a lot harder to keep me out of the retreats! I hope it’s as special to you….


  2. Hey Jane.I do adore your blog entries & am glad we have stumbled upon each other.A knitting group – well, the superb Amie put it so well (right back at ya, sweets!) about KR, the Retreats & groups. I look for & listen for the sound that a combination lock makes as the tumblers click (oh, this is such good food for tho’t for a blog entry!). I know it’s rare & I know it happens.Thanks too for all the good reading & book info you give – I soak it up. Will check out the group you mentioned.Regards,Martha


  3. I agree with these 2 lovely ladies. I had a hard time meeting up with a group of knitters that felt “right” I know I sound like goldilocks.. but one was too stodgy, one was too cocky, one was too intellectual, and nothing felt just right. I have met perhaps 1 or 2 people in each group that make me feel like me (and KR) but I plugging away hoping to meet more people. It always works out. I meet the people I was destined to meet.. and I let the others roll off my back..I look forward to meeting you at the retreat too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did last yr.


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