Oh, Italy

One year ago today my sister and I arrived in Florence to begin our Italian adventure. Our little group had walked from the hotel to the Piazza Della Repubblica. When I turned around, this is what I saw:
I was near tears, in love and awe and with a heart about to burst with the magnitude of what I felt and saw.

Then we walked on to the Piazza Del Duomo. I looked up, and…

It’s safe to say that I changed forever, right then.

And I hadn’t even painted a single watercolor, or seen Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus,” or had any of the experiences that the next week would bring. Little did I know what was in store for us!


It’s Autumn at last — official sweater-knitting season! I’d better get back to the Fabulous Manos Wildflower Pullover, then. Today, though, I made a third hat for Dulaan. I started it at the knitting circle, where I relaxed and became more comfortable and actually enjoyed myself (it was easy, now that I have revised my expectations). I finished it this evening. I’m going back to my Italy-dreaming now…

One thought on “Oh, Italy

  1. Oh too cool! No wonder you’re reading A Room With A View. I went to school in Siena, but by the time I got to Florence I had no more $ and could only wander around outside admiring statues and doors and spires. all that was fortylevendyhundred years ago. sigh.


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