Don’t mess with me, now

My Obsession

Okay, okay. I’m a teensy bit excited about Rhinebeck. It’s gotten to this point: I have volunteered to drive almost 30 minutes in the opposite direction on Saturday morning to pick up J and the R’s just so we can leave really really early.

I figure that it will be a lot easier to dump the girls directly onto the back seat of my car in their sleep and get right on the road than it would be for me to:

  1. Wait over at my house for them to stumble sleepily to their mom’s car in Sag Harbor, in the dark, possibly forgetting a shoe or a headphone or a toothbrush. [For this example, I am using the R’s, but they are their mother’s daughters in the never-on-time and I-forgot-something department. I love them all to death, absolutely.]
  2. Watch as they discover that there is a missing item or items when they spill out of their car in my driveway in Southampton, sometime after sunrise.
  3. Wait while the car is unloaded and its contents searched for the missing item(s), before being reloaded into my car, item(s) or no, because We Must Leave NOW, Women!
  4. Risk a speeding ticket on the LIE just because I have this thing about procuring an obscene amount of Socks That Rock sock yarn, and I’m positive that The Fold will sell every last skein before I arrive, breathless, trailing possibly shoeless children, at their booth in Building A.

So, I’m going to drive almost 30 minutes in the opposite direction in order to save at least two hours, as well as my last remaining shreds of sanity. And no, I do not need a Yarn Intervention. This is Rhinebeck. Once a year. I’m in charge.

There’s been a little knitting progress hereabouts, but nothing worth showing. I keep picking up one thing and knitting a few rows before putting it down and picking up something else. Supposedly this means that one day all the projects will be finished, but it sure seems more like I’m getting nowhere. Doesn’t matter, though, does it? I can get lots of new yarn this weekend and start a whole bunch of new stuff!

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  1. Double what Bess said, and as pennance for going to Rhinebeck when I can’t, TAG – you’re it! I think you know the drill – check my blog!


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