Rhinebeck, what else?

What could be better than a double rainbow?
A carload of yarn, fiber, and gabby girls comes close. We had a blast. We had our ups and downs (especially on the Taconic Parkway), our fiber bliss, our meltdowns, and so much fun that it won’t fit here. Nobody forgot anything, and the sun had come out by the time we arrived. Perfection.

My fiberly highlights: Socks That Rock yarn, naturally (just wait till you see it, Amie!). Blue Moon Fiber Arts superfine Merino roving, and cashmere/silk roving, too, in perfectly loverly colorways. Tintagel Farm carded wool in a color called “Antique Rose.” Brooks Farm Primero in colors that remind me of pansies. Spirit Trail handpainted silk sliver in two lovely colorways, one wood-ish, the other sea-ish.

The absolute best part of my Rhinebeck weekend: meeting Martha and Sheila and Jen at the Spirit Trail booth. I felt like I was having a reunion with Martha, rather than a first hello. My real life collided with my virtual life, and the two managed to get along just fine! I can’t wait to have the chance to get to know everyone better at the Retreat. I mean it. I. Can’t. Wait. I met some great people, in their booths and in the aisles. I said hello to the Knitting Curmudgeon over Tintagel Farm’s bags of luscious wool, and saw just about every possible variation of Birch and Clapotis (it was indeed a Summer of Lace!).

Toni Neil at The Fold is my new favorite person. Not only did she bring enough Socks That Rock to go around, but she remained cheerful throughout the feeding frenzy (I’m not wondering if pharmaceuticals were necessary, but if that had been me…). I found some beautiful, perfect yarn and fibers, which will keep me happy for a long, long time. Or at least until the KR Retreat, that is!

The R’s had fun in the frenzy, too. They met the only Suri alpacas at the show, and were invited into the pen to pet the little chestnut-colored one, whose name is Advantage. One R fell in love with a sweet California Red ewe, and the other R was seduced by the yarn goddesses (see photo). They’ll both be knitting in no time, and we’ve got a Knitting Day planned for next month. I think I might even have a bag of Cal Red roving somewhere, which will make a perfect first yarn for that R, who wants to make a pillow. This R is planning to knit a mesh market bag as her first project. She’ll do it, too.


“The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” -Marcel Proust

I needed Rhinebeck. J and I needed to leave our lives behind for a few hours, and we did. We needed to be inspired by the creativity of others, and we were. We needed to dive into a pile of fiber and only come up for air, and we did. We needed a girly road trip in a car filled with laughter and silliness (most of the time; there were one or two back seat altercations, but nothing serious), and we had it. I spent the day at work today daydreaming about rockin’ socks and spinning cashmere/silk and wishing I could just zip home for a little wool fix. Soon, soon.


I’m tired, though. All that fresh air, you know…I’ll have to tackle the RoseByAny challenge tomorrow!

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  1. Jane,It was terrific to meet you & for me, you were a Rhinebeck highlight! Thanks for coming by (more than once!) the Spirit Trail Booth.What ab fab Rhinebeck goodies you bought.I am looking forward to chatting w/you at the Retreat. XOXOMartha


  2. ya know…….. we were walking out under that rainbow at rhinebeck saturday……you really did just miss my fat behind!hahahahahayou almost got a picture of it…oyeviwho now has a kitchen in peices……but they tell me it will be wonderful when done


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