KR Retreat Part One (in which Jane Gets Over It)

Imagine that you are a slightly apprehensive person (see previous entry) who is about to embark upon a Knitting Adventure. Your day begins badly on several other levels (the apprehension thing is easy in comparison), and you spend much of your day reasoning and sorting and sniffling and Getting Over It, but you must do it in the car, along with all the other cars crammed onto Route 66 on Friday afternoon. You drive and drive and drive, managing to become more excited, less distressed, and less apprehensive with every mile, and you end up here:

Graves Mountain Lodge, Sunday morning

You spend much of your time on this Knitting Adventure doing something like this:

Knitting on the porch at the Knitter’s Review Retreat

You spend the remainder of your time laughing your you-know-what off and being fed large meals consisting mainly of apples and carbohydrates. Why in the world would you want to come home?


Not a fair question. I am happy to be home. I am pretty happy, period. I’m still processing all the wonderful experiences I had with the fabulous KR knitters, so I’ll post more over the next few days.

I wish I’d taken lots of pictures, but I didn’t. I met so many people who were on my “Oh, I’d Love To Meet Her!” List that my head is spinning (Ha! A pun!), and so many who I just got lucky enough to spend a little time with. My roommate was a real gem (Double ha! Another one!) and I am so happy that Clara paired us up.

I came home a better knitter, a happier spinner, and a renewed Jane. I made new friends who I already cherish. I have some lovely new fiber to spin and yarn to knit. I can’t ask for more than that.

8 thoughts on “KR Retreat Part One (in which Jane Gets Over It)

  1. Jane- Your post expresses my thoughts also- and your pictures are great. Can’t wait to see more! It’s great to be home, but I also miss being with all of my KR friends, having someone else cook and do the dishes, and having my daily chores be centered around knitting.


  2. hugshugshugshugshugs! What fun to meet you In Person At Last. And isn’t it grand that the retreat really does live up to its reputation?


  3. Isn’t it the best!?!? I’m so glad to have met you. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks for all the help with teaching spinning. You are a true gem.


  4. What a pleasure to have seen you this past week-end!You brought such great energy just by being you. Loved watching you knit & spin. Always wish for more time to chat – am sure we will have that in the future.XOXO to you.Martha


  5. My dearest Jane, how wonderful that we finally got to meet eachother, apple butter to apple butter. (That’s Graves-speak for “face to face.”) Thank you for making the journey!


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