KR Retreat Part Two (in which Jane Gets On With It)

I returned to work on Tuesday to find the following note attached to the cash register:

Welcome to my world.

I’ve been reading and enjoying all the KR threads and blog posts about the Retreat. Everyone has written so well about the beautiful weather, the mountain setting of Graves, the delicious food (and Nathan!), and the knitterly companionship that was inspired by Clara. The longer I’m home, the more I realize what an extraordinary experience I had.

  • We saw many, many beautiful and innovative garments created by knitters of all levels of experience.
  • We listened to tales of inspiration and knitting triumphs (as well as some nightmares).
  • There were as many knitting styles in the room as there were knitters, and it was fun to compare techniques.
  • Spinners were born, at wheels and with spindles, and with laughter all around (laughter seems to melt the frustration).
  • Everywhere I turned there were knitters in twos and threes, heads bent over projects, conversations rising and falling (mostly rising; the decibel level was intense!) as they worked away on everything from swatches to socks.
  • Through it all wound Clara, who I’d see somewhere else in the room every time I looked up.
  • Sunday morning’s “New Beginnings” session, when we wrote a letter to ourselves, sealed it, and placed it in Clara’s care, was the most emotional part of the Retreat for me. I wonder what I will think when I open the envelope next year? The little blue scarf in the photo below is the project I began then, when we got to go around the room and have everyone knit a few stitches. If there’s a better way to remember this special weekend, I don’t know what it could be.
  • The overflowing bin of knitting for the Dulaan Project inspired me to continue making hats and scarves to send all though the year.
  • Clara’s yarn talk was perfect. And I thought I knew yarn…
  • The toe-up sock class that was taught by Sheila was enough to get me to re-think my next pair. Why, I’ll never run out of Socks That Rock yarn if I start at the toe!
  • The Saturday afternoon marketplace, and Jen’s Sunday trailer sale, provided me with some lovely treats! Knitter’s Review Boutique goodies, Targhee/Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere roving, CVM combed top, Silk boucle yarn for a scarf, and a set of Lantern Moon Ebony DPNs.


It’s time for me to re-enter my own world now. There’s the usual Wednesday list of errandy things, Annabelle needs some comfort (she does not have fun when I am away), and my little home is a big mess. I have lots of knitting and spinning to do, too. At the top pf the list: spin some California Red for one of the dear R’s to learn to knit with next weekend.

6 thoughts on “KR Retreat Part Two (in which Jane Gets On With It)

  1. I’m so glad I forced/encouraged you to buy that boucle – the scarf is looking fabulous!I do all my toe ups because of a deep-seated fear of running out of yarn (I apparently shop this way, too) and I think once you do a pair like that, you’ll be won over!I wish you lived closer so there were more than fiber fests as an excuse to see you!


  2. Sounds fantastic ! A great way to spend a weekend. I really liked the look of the veranda with all those rocking chairs,and the great view.


  3. Ooooo how can we wait till next fall? Best plan on making it to Maryland S&W this spring. I’m so glad I have you to lean on when I take up my silky wool! I’m so glad I met you altogether. Hugs


  4. Rachel, that note was written by F… He has a way of conveying just the right amount of sarcasm with a twist of irony. You know how it is…where is my eye-rolling smiley…


  5. Ms. Jane,Your Retreat posts have lifted my “I’m so sad it’s over” mood. So well said, so moving. Can next fall come fast so I can see you again?XOXO


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