Winding down

I woke on Christmas morning to this strange and beautiful sight:
Christmas Morning comes to my door, 7:00 AM
Which, happily, became this:

Sagg Main Beach, Sagaponack, 11:30 AM

It was raining by sunset, though. I had some help with my last-minute wrapping before heading out the door:

And then I had a lovely Christmas Day with J and her family…

Even the camera was tired by 8:30 PM

…and a quiet, relaxing Boxing Day in my own little home. I am still struggling to recover from the last push at work, so I need some quiet hours at home with Miss Annabelle, Comfort Knitting, and some good music. Thanks to J, I have this new-to-me artist to enjoy.


This week between Christmas and the New Year is always a reflective time for me, and I can feel myself begin to settle inward, to wrap myself up in my own thoughts. I try to tune out the external chatter, to become quieter and slower on purpose. It’s a time for breathing deeply, and doing nothing too demanding.

I cast on a new pair of socks last night, even though I told myself I would wait. They’re going to be the definitive Happy Feet socks. I did a little online yarn crawl, too, ordering a few skeins of Socks That Rock and some Fleece Artist Merino. It’s Cara’s doing; she posted a beautiful picture of some Fleece Artist yarn, and that gave me ideas…

I’m looking forward to a nice long winter of knitting socks and maybe a sweater, of spinning silk and merino and a little bit of cashmere, and of making room for the real Rick Reeves wheel that I decided I get to have after all.

7 thoughts on “Winding down

  1. I, too, love that soft opportunity to sink into reflection that winter offers. but before you sink too deeply into wooly thoughts, please – which of the Elizabeth Lavold sweaters were you wearing at the KRRetreat? That’s the one I want to knit. I intend to be a complete copy cat. You looked stunning in it!


  2. I post one picture of FA and that gets you running? I hope I can take credit for the STR as well – I’ve only posted 87 million pictures of that! ;-)Beautiful photographs. Glad you had a lovely Christmas.


  3. Are you really getting a Rick Reeves wheel???? How fantastic!! You’ll not regret a dime of it!I bought one a year or so ago, and it is amazing!The new sock yarn is lovely.. Reflection this time of year seems like the most peaceful thing to do. I’m completely on board with you!


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