Welcoming the New Year

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(for Anne’s ABC-Along)


I finished another knitting project in time for the New Year. It’s a scarf for my mother, started on Thursday while I was waiting to hear news about the surgery to repair her hip, which she broke in a fall on Wednesday night. It was a tough year for her, and this was a crappy way to see the year out, but we think she’ll be okay. I’ll be going down to be with her later in the week, and I’ll have this little Love Scarf to wrap around her.The yarn: A strand of Cherry Tree Hill Merino (not Supersock) in the Spanish Moss colorway, along with a strand of KidSilk Haze in Dewberry. The needles: US 8. The pattern: My old favorite Mistake Rib, which can be found in most stitch dictionaries, but which is really just a K2P2 rib offset by an extra stitch. The stats: I knit until I ran out of yarn (288 yards of CTH) and the scarf is about 5.5 by 38 inches. It’s very stretchy, and the shorter length suits my mom. And the halo created by the KidSilk is just heavenly.

Here’s a real test of my Knitting Resolve — the Fleece Artist yarn I ordered on Monday arrived on Saturday. The colors are (from top to bottom) Woodland Twilight, Autumn Glen, and Paris Dream. I have, um, let’s just say several pairs of socks near completion or halfway done or just started. Do I have any business starting another pair? Sure I do!


It’s become a little New Year’s Day tradition of mine to go to the ocean and breathe deeply for a few minutes. This morning I encountered a jubilant band of Polar Bear Plungers (otherwise known as lunatics whose tradition it is to swim in the ocean on New Year’s Day). Here’s a picture for Bess (without the Plungers): And my “Self-Portrait with Here and There Scarf,” taken on Shinnecock Bay a few minutes later:The weather is so changeable here that you never know what to expect. In one hour this morning it went from cloudy and calm, to windy and clear, to overcast and damp, which is how it’s remained.

A little like Life, eh?


P.S. Happy Birthday to Cara!

6 thoughts on “Welcoming the New Year

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me! Happy New Year to you! It’s such a great idea to go to the beach on jan1 – I wish I could do that. So cleansing.


  2. You pictures are amazing – from Annabelle to the lovely scarf to the ocean (AND the self portrait)How wonderful!Joyous New Year! I hope that your Mom is healing quickly.


  3. Oh Thank you thank you thank you! I could hear the waves on the shore. Such beauty. Such inspiration. Hey! Look! Another polar bear (and bess sneaks in and grabs that Paris Dream)


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