(Silent) Poetry Reading

To the Hand
W. S. Merwin

What the eye sees is a dream of sight
what it wakes to
is a dream of sight

and in the dream
for every real lock
there is only one real key

and it’s in some other dream
now invisible

it’s the key to the one real door
it opens the water and the sky both at once
it’s already in the downward river
with my hand on it
my real hand

and I am saying to the hand

open the river

With thanks to Reya at Grace’s Poppies, discovered through Stephanie at Yarn Harlot.

3 thoughts on “(Silent) Poetry Reading

  1. Oh, Jane, thank you for a breath of cool, clean, inspiring, tho’tful air today – that’s a wonderous poem.XOXOP.S. Im a lover of poetry.


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