C, and progress

C is for cups.

Big cups and little cups, cups for coffee and cups for tea, and cups just the right size for memories.

These are some of my cups, from left to right:
  • My Disney World souvenir cup (for those mornings when caffeine in large doses is in order, and to remind me of my first and only trip there, in 2003, when I got to fulfill a lifelong dream and go on the teacup ride)
  • My regular old just-for-fun everyday cup (Mary Engelbreit’s “Life is Just a Chair of Bowlies”)
  • My favorite stoneware sheep cup (made in 1982 by a ceramic artist whose name I have forgotten, and purchased at the Frederick Craft Fair — back in my weaving days, when $22 was far too much to be spending on anything, but my work was selling well that weekend, so I splurged)
  • My little raku cup (V remembers who made this, so maybe she’ll tell me, but the artist’s studio is/was in Montgomery County, Maryland, and I remember it taking me forever to choose just the right cup)
  • One of the last of my grandmother’s china cups and saucers (this was our regular Sunday family-dinner china, as opposed to the company’s-coming really good porcelain kind, and I suppose the cups and saucers lasted the longest because none of us children used them much).
It took me forever to figure out what C would be, but once I did, I was flooded with happy memories of all sorts of things that have to do with plain old cups.

Olympic Training Update:

I went to the yarn shop on Wednesday after all, because they had both of the patterns I was interested in. Good move, because I’ve been able to do the math and adjust for my gauge and fiddle and play, and I think I will have a very beautiful sweater if I use this one – the Side to Side Cardigan. Reverse stockinette on 4.5mm needles will do justice to the yarn, the pattern, and my knitting efforts. That, and I’m pretty sure it won’t pill too much, which Manos tends to do. And it has Annabelle’s tail-swish of approval. And I think I can finish it by February 26th.

I love this challenge. I’m beginning to gather momentum, and every day has a refreshing focus that I must have been craving, because I’m looking forward to all of it — the knitting, the checking in with J (“How’s it going? How’s your gauge? Is it pretty? How many inches can you manage in a day? Need more chocolate?”), the updates that I’ll get to read all over knitblogland and the excitement I’ll feel as I follow everyone’s progress — and I can’t think of another thing I’d rather be doing right now. I liked what Stephanie had to say about it the other day:

What’s rocking my world is that each and every one of the knitters on the list are striving for their personal best. I’m impressed with each and every name on the list because every name, every one of them is a celebration of two things.

1. Excellence in knitting. Every knitter on the list is trying to stretch their skills. Not everyone is cut out for self improvement, and I’m sure even if you are not part of the olympics you are busy striving for excellence in another element of your life…but all of these names are knitters trying to do it better. That elevates the craft. That makes it personal art. I’m proud of you all.
2. Challenge. Nobody tries to do better without challenge. It is the elevating force of humanity, and at the risk of sounding like a motivational speaker…challenge is good for you. A chinese proverb reads: The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.
I’m a long way from perfect, but I’m closer for trying, and so are you. Knit on.

I will, then!


My knitting energy seems to be very strong right now — and the knitting is good. I finished the Trekking socks, and I started a new pair in Socks that Rock Moss Agate. I think they will be in a stitch called Slipped Stitch Rib, which is in Sensational Knitted Socks, but I’m still deciding. This colorway is bold and bright. We’ll see.

10 thoughts on “C, and progress

  1. Fun cups and stories – got me thinking about how many of my cups have stories, too. Thanks!Yeah, this “training” is fun – and interesting. Because y’know, if I did this much pre-work on every project… I bet my knitting life would be a lot smoother. What do you think?


  2. I will love watching your Olympian effort – and be delighted I’m a spectator. Beautiful cups. I love my cups. Each one tells a story to me too.Knit on, my dear.


  3. Great cups and stories, love the old fashioned tea cup in its saucer at the end of the row.Can I ask what kind of yarn you are using? The swatch looks quite beautiful.


  4. I love your cups. Which makes me a bit uncomfortable saying! :)I especially love the story that accompanied the beautiful cups. Thanks for sharing that!I can’t wait to see your olympic project progress!And a big thank you for your kind words the other day. They mean a lot!From one skywatcher to another!xoSandyhttp://sandysknitting.com


  5. I have two beautiful china cups that my mother bought when she was first married. They were wildly expensive, and didn’t match her very practical china, but she told me all my life that she loved starting her day with coffee from one of those cups. So every morning now I go to the cabinet and choose a pretty cup to start my day.


  6. I am also a fan of cups – little ones, big ones. A few years ago one of my best buds gave me, as a special gift, two china cups & saucers that were her Mom-Mom’s (her g’mother). What a gift those were & still are.Your knitting olympics fever is catching & infectious too ^..^ Am planning something too tho’ I have not written about it on my blog or to Stephanie.XOXO


  7. Your Disney mug reminded me of a mug I had in NY – a GIGANTIC – it held seven normal cups worth of coffee – mug of Minnie saying “you think looking this good, this early, is easy???”I wonder where that is… hopefully still packed and not lost….


  8. wasn’t that a different mug picture just the other dayif so…….why are you making an already insane violet even nuttier?I swore that picture was differentif notnever mind


  9. there’s just something about a grandmother’s cup.. it’s so lovely – so sweet – and tender. Each cup of tea will bring joy. This one is my favorite :-)My Mom and I used to have tea every sunday afternoon, Earl Grey was her favorite.Knit in joy, dear one.. and we shall all have fun !


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