Resting up

Olympics Update: I’m in the final phase of preparations. The yarn is ready, the pattern has been adjusted, the needles have been selected (Addis all the way this time, because speed is crucial). All I have left to do is straighten the yarn basket, de-clutter the knitting area (yarn bits, old post-its, stray cat fuzz — they have to go), and fluff up the couch cushions. Soon I’ll be off to the opening ceremonies! Well, actually, I’ll be a little late — I do have to work on Friday. You know, the thing that makes all the knitting possible? The “financial backing,” as it were? No big deal.

I’ve discovered a quirky thing about this Moss Agate Socks That Rock. When I tried to knit it in a simple pattern — the Slipped-Stitch Rib I was planning the other day — it pooled like crazy, into weird undulating blobs of green and purple. Not attractive. I love it this way, in simple and uncomplicated stockinette, the comfort knitting I need before the Challenge begins.

Another thing I’ve discovered: I now have enough handknit socks to warm my feet for more than a week, with choices to spare. I can stop wearing the first pair I ever made (the “emergency” socks, like the “emergency” underwear that is left at the back of the drawer until one morning you have no choice but to put them on, because when was the last time you did laundry?).
And at long last, it feels like Winter, and my warm socks and scarves are a welcome necessity. The temperatures are back down to normal — high 30’s are predicted for today. I’m not a huge fan of bitter temps, but 50’s in February is just too freaky. This sky is for Sandy.

It’s going to be an errandy day off today, with a little knitting thrown in for good measure. I hope you get to have just the right kind of day, too.

6 thoughts on “Resting up

  1. I love how the color is spiraling in plain ol’ SS.I have to work Friday, too – maybe I’ll skip my lunch hour so I can get done with work at 2:30 and be home knitting by 3…


  2. This whole full-time job thing is really getting in the way of the Olympics. I should have checked into some kind of leave of absence.I’m loving the socks – the colors are great and I like the way it’s striping. I actually cast on for my Jaywalkers yesterday, but will of course put them down beginning Friday. Tonight I plan to wind the yarn into a cake and make sure I have the right needles, or buy new ones tomorrow. I’m hoping Addi’s will work with this. No, I didn’t do a gauge swatch. I know – no need to say it.


  3. first off I like those socks…( ok so I don’t like the green but I don’t actually like green unless it is plants)vi must be honest with you …… but you know thatsecondI like ss socksmy very favorite and mostly only kindanything else makes weird imprints in my feet when they swellthird( amazing I can REMEMBER huh?)I saw pieheart today again….I like her very much, but I am afraid she went home and SWORE on her kids heads that she was never going NEAR that crazy broad ( me) again…..she is very sweet and smart and politeyou really should think about sort of meandering west……you know…..just over OUR bridge????vi..of the long winded and annoying pennsylvania violets


  4. I’m loving those socks! STR. I have some and it’s calling my name something fierce! I resist. For now. How many things can one knit at once?I can’t wait to track progress for your olympic knitting! (I Had a typo, fixed now, that said OUR Olympic knitting. Hee. Ours!)I’m with you on the freaky temps. Winter should be cold. Not in the 50’s. The sky, however, can always be beautiful!Sandy


  5. Financial backing? Does that mean the uniform you wear as you Olympically Knit will have your bookstore’s name on it? In garrishly colored lycra?I’ll be cheering you on! Knit Quickly! Knit Quickly!K-N-I-T Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y(okay, so my cheer writing needs work. I’m a bit out of practice)


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