On your mark, get set…

Well. I’m ready, and anxious to get going on my Olympic Knitting. [Purlewe points out that OK sounds a whole lot better than KO, and she’s right.] [And Cara’s use of the word “knathletes” just makes me giggle.] I might even make it home from work a bit early tomorrow. J is taking the afternoon off. We thought about getting together to cast on, but that would cut into our knitting time!

My coach is ready, too. She takes her job very seriously.

Best of luck to all of us!

May your needles fly like the wind and the yarn flow knotless through your fingers!

6 thoughts on “On your mark, get set…

  1. Oh! You’ve exhausted your coach!!Heh, I’m planning to take a very similar picture this evening. Along with my supplies for the Olympic flame pajama party I’m going to…


  2. Love the prep picture…as I was pulling into my garage this evening I was thinking that I might take a “before” picture with the supplies in the knitting chair. 🙂


  3. I think I’m ready. I’ll even be able to cast on at exactly 2pm, even though I’ll be at work … the cast on is only 2 stitches – so I’ll CO at 2pm and then get busy when I get home from work.Send alcohol!


  4. yo babe.get your knit on! It is time to do your best performance evah! and I know you can handle the pressure!great to see you are all rady, give that coach a cuddle for me and I hope to see you on the other side with your medal!


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