Road trip!

The sweater was getting a little restless, so I took it to the beach at Peconic Bay in Sag Harbor.

The gulls were curious, wondering if I had some nice big scallops, or maybe a loaf of bread. Nope. Just a sweater-blob. My intention was to photograph it so that you could see my progress, but it’s not too photogenic yet. There’s a rectangle, with some shaping to one edge and an armhole slit, but that’s about it.

I think I’m making good progress on the sweater. I’ve reached the middle of the back already — sooner than I expected, considering Sunday’s mishap. I should clarify the issue with the armhole. It wasn’t the pattern, it was me. I’m working at a smaller gauge than the pattern specifies, and I didn’t recalculate properly. I’ve double-checked the rest of the math, so there should be no further deductions for lack of technical merit!

When it got home the sweater curled up for a nice nap, only to be roused so that I could keep knitting. Must. Keep. Knitting. Knathletes have stamina to spare, or at least they’re supposed to. Can somebody please bring me a double latte?

6 thoughts on “Road trip!

  1. I love those colors. And it’s good you and the sweater got some fresh air. Now to find a coffeeshop that delivers and you’ll be set!


  2. I, too, swoon at those colors. I want to touch them as I look at your photos. And what sort of camera do you have. Your photos show up better on my monitor than anyone else’s.I can’t wait to see your lovely and champion sweater.


  3. i love the way the colors are knitting upyou need to tell me what yarn/colorway that is( cause you probably DID but hey, i’m old…I forget oye)vi


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